Why You Must Know How to Cook Steak in Your Own House

It is a Saturday night and you are ready to go for a date. Go out and find a steakhouse to celebrate a date is the easiest way. It is a full house when there are valentine‘s celebrations, festival celebrations and any family gathering especially the steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur.

Steakhouse becomes a trend for every festive celebration season. The steakhouse store nowadays is becoming more popular than ever. Since the steak in steakhouse expenses is less affordable, a lot of people start to learn to cook steak in their own house.

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A. The date at Home Feels Good

Homemade romantic dinner may not be grand as the restaurant one. Homemade steak is easy, but it is not as simple as ABC. It may take some time to cook your perfect steak. The first thing above all the conditions is how rarely do you or your guest like to have your steak cooked. 

Each level of the steak cooked has its tenderness and juiciness. Steak cooking needs practice as the old man says practice makes perfect. If you get your beef burn for the first time, it is alright.

Perfect steak pays attention to the cooking time and cooking temperature. The previous cooking experience equipped you to have better skills in steak cooking and preparation.

However, you may agree or not agree with the truth that home is the best place for candlelight dinner. This is due to those dates must not come from an expensive restaurant, but a place you can be the chef for somebody else. Pleasant cooking experience may start with the very first step in study beef.

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B. Ignite Your Passion in Cooking

Steak cooking spends time and effort thus you may need to visit some bookstore, get advice from some chefs such as housewives and so on. Online recipe nowadays is convenient for people nowadays. However, the online recipe is too many somehow not every recipe worth a try.

This can be a hobby that may interest you very much in the first place, but your determination and persistence is the key to a success steak. If you want to cook steak as delicious as the best western cuisine in Malaysia, there are a few golden recipes from the beauty housewives.

wagyu beef malaysia

Steps in Getting a Delicious Steak Done

Firstly, buy steak depends on thickness but not its perfect shape. The thickness of the fresh beef should be at least 21 mm. The thickness can only be defined as perfect when you begin to cut the steak in the right way. Ask the steak expert before you start your steak war.

Secondly, the process of defrosting is a must to cook fresh meat once you have frozen it. The best beef preparation is to pat dry the steak and move steak out from the frozen storage 10 minutes before cooking. 

Thirdly, heat your pan before you let your steak go fry. Adjust the temperature of your pan to optimize your steak frying experiences. Season your steak well but not over seasoning, go for one time flipping your steak once the steak is start frying.

Remember, the first and foremost reminder in steak cooking is temperature! Lastly, practice cooking steak as many times as you can. You will find the best way to cook a perfect steak. Steak cooking is challenging somehow it is interesting.

If you know how to cook steak, you will know how to snatch a heart by fulfilling one’s appetite. One day you may able to cook the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur. Bon appetit!

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